Aspekt is dedicated to continuous quality, and the main differentiation from other vendors is the strategic focus on innovation and flexibility, developing the company to be recognized as specialized for providing software solutions to Financial Institutions. This strategic direction allows Aspekt to align the technological improvements of the platform with the financial industry trends and systematic alignment of client’s needs with platform possibilities.
The concept of the Aspekt’s APS is to offer one highly dynamic and flexible solution that is easily managed from end users, independently from Aspekt, allowing Client’s growth assurance, operational risk mitigation and high productivity while achieving significant cost-savings and ROI. By focusing solely on one industry segment heavily, Aspekt will provide long-term support and possibility to develop further based on Client expectations and needs while following the industry trends.
Aspekt provides specialized, financial software with Business Process Modelling (BPM) Tool, allowing the APS to follow client’s growth and improvement in continuity. The workflow-based process control improves the business agility of Client’s company, streamlines business operations and reduces resistance to changes by allowing the Client to quickly adapt to new market trends. With the flexible workflow, the business processes are mapped to respond to the real Client’s needs, enforcing continuous improvements trough real-time analyses of performance indicators. In the workflow integration within all business channels that the APS engages, the Client is guided how to increase operational efficiency by closely monitoring certain parameters.
The workflow-driven approaches that the APS supports, allows strong control on audit trail data, characterized by logical data structures, efficient data management and real-time data consolidation. The Client is able to provide evidence on data history and quickly identify data interdependencies anywhere in the workflow. The Client can experience reduced long-term costs of ownership working with sophisticated business rules that enforce a cost-controlling approach in optimizing further technological investments, minimizing infrastructure changes and headcount costs.



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