Bratstvo Inox DOO

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Address: str. 7 Noemvri bb, Ohrid
Telephone: +389 46 261 965
Fax: +389 46 261 965
E-mail: [email protected]
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Machining and metalworking

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European Union

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Metal Product Industry a�?Bratstvo Inoxa�? Ohrid is one of the most renowned companies of kitchenware and eating utensils in the Eastern Europe. The rich production program consists of plates and pots for households, hotels and restaurants in which the food can be prepared, stored, transported and served in a accordance with all standards of the gastronomy.

Bratstvo Inox DOO is one of the entrepreneurship leaders in this region,as a company that offer global markets a wide range of specialty metals solutions to markets and customers located throughout the world. As a specialist in the material transformation, we dedicate all our energy and skills to provide an excellent service and continuous innovation in the fields of forging and iron casting for each of our customers.

Teams of experienced engineers and state-of-the art machinery deliver reliable solutions tailored to the specific needs of every industry.

As a metal component supplier, our goal is to achieve excellence in providing customers with custom forging solutions that deliver desirable or essential attributes. We can forge by drawing, depending on our customers needs. Our team is highly-qualified and is ready to adjust our clients demands.

High motivation, commitment and competence of our employees guarantee a supreme quality of each and any product coming from our Forge.

One of the main characteristic of our work is high quality, and that is why we are working by the international standard ISO 9001 initiates the systematic approach in developing, applying and improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System, so that our products always satisfies the customers expectations.

The state-of-the-art technologies enables us to work fast and efficiently. Our main investment are in the machining process, and thata��s why we are able for manufacturing the most complex die forged tools.

The high standard as well as the magnificent performance PRICE-QUALITY, have joined this company in the line of the most demanded producers on the markets in Europe.

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