ZAVAR Company

Owner: Marta Naumovska Grnarova

Address: Blagoja Stefkovski 2a, Skopje
Telephone: +38922529600
Fax: +38922529500
E-mail: [email protected]
Map 42.00417713175688, 21.477446771106887
Company Information

Company Type: Exporter

Company management

Director: Marta Naumovska Grnarova, Tel: +38970274948, E-mail: [email protected]
Procurist: Pavle Grnarov, Tel: +38970250065, E-mail: +38970250065

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Marta Naumovska Grnarova, Tel: +38970274948, E-mail: [email protected]

Description of company

ZAVAR Company is a family owned business since 1988, leading company in the Balkans area in the field of process equipment and welding. We are established fabricator of custom sheet metal parts and assemblies and producer of high quality pressure vessels, processing tanks and reactors from stainless steel and special metals. We have the following certificates: EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 3834-2, PED 2014/68/EU. In order to reach our objectives, all resources offering needed knowledge and technology are utilized, thus making us market competitive. So far we have succeeded in this attempt. Along with the support of our clients and acquired new skills and technology, we can approach the For many businesses in the process industry pressure tanks are vitally important. Choosing the right pressure vessels design is especially important when it comes to storing chemicals. Zavar Company possess extensive experience in the rating, design and construction of pressure vessels, storage tanks and other pressure containing equipment. We are able to design and construct pressure tanks from many materials including exotic alloys, stainless steel and duplex. All of our designs and constructions are made in conjunction with the European Uniona��s Pressure Equipment Directive which sets out standards regarding the design and fabrication of pressure containing equipment a�� PED a��a��When it comes to designing and constructing pressure containing equipment, welding is a vital consideration and our main expertise an knowledge. We therefore recognise how important it is that our workers are able to meet the extremely high standards required. For this reason, all of our welders are trained, tested and certified. We undertake detailed interrogations from all aspects of the engineering spectrum to understand the performance of our process modules. Some of the interrogations we undertake include: / Analysis systems of process performance / Pressure systems analysis / FEA structural analysis / Process simulation / CFD flow simulation / Heat transfer system analysis / Pipe stress analysis Zavar Company has extensive experience in both solids and liquid mixing, as well as in the design of process equipment The company has evolved to become best process equipment manufacturer in the Balkans area .Zavar Company is inspired by technology and innovation. We offer solutions that support global sustainability is both our motivation as well as our concept for success.
Additional data about a company
Registration number: 5010560
Tax number: 4030995189101
Basic activity: Metal processing, pressure tanks, welding
Organizational form: LLC
Source of capital: private
Number of employees: 40
Size of company: middle
Exports share in income: 70-90%
Tradition since: 1988
Total equity: -
Total assets: -
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