MK Danitex DOO

Owner: Danica and Lazo Gorgievi

Address: Ungarska 4 , Kocani
Telephone: 033297405; 071210625
Fax: 033297406
E-mail: [email protected]
Industries of Export

Textile and clothing

Company Information

Company Type: Exporter

Company management

Director: Danica Gorgieva, Tel: 071210625, E-mail: [email protected]
Procurist: Ana Gorgieva Krsteva, Tel: 071210625, E-mail: 071210625

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Ana Gorgieva Krsteva, Tel: 071210625, E-mail: [email protected]

Description of company

Danitex DOO is a company established 1997 as a family business. Today the company employs 170 people. The production is organized in 4 production lines. We are specialized on production of mostly women trousers. We are exporting to UK, Holland and others EU countries. We are offering CM and CMT production with on time deliveries and at highest quality. Our current major clients are: Expresso Fashion Holland, Claudia Strater Holland, Hobbs UK, Boden UK, Karl Lagerfield, Mexx and others.
Additional data about a company
Registration number: 4291867
Tax number: 4013991102760
Basic activity: 14.13 Production of women garments
Organizational form: DOO
Source of capital: own
Number of employees: 170
Size of company: small
Exports share in income: n/a
Tradition since: 1997
Total equity: n/a
Total assets: n/a
Products and services
Demands and Offers